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The Death of Theatre Film Prints!

9 Jun

Deadline New York reported yesterday that by 2013 the studios will indeed stop creating film prints, instead they are requesting cinemas ‘upgrade’ and update to digital projection. Why?, well a lot of it has to do with the new Hobbit film that has been shot at 48fps, Peter Jackson is really pushing this new concept and after a lot of criticism at the first sneak viewing a couple of months ago (that did not go down very well) I am starting to dislike the concept even more. Why change something that has been working so well and has been imprinted in our minds to look like film. 24fps is cinematic, 48fps is soap opera.

DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor :

Time is running out for theaters that haven’t made the switch to digital projection. Studios’ use of conventional 35 mm prints “is projected to cease in the United States and other major markets by the end of next year, with global Continue reading