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Buying a HDSLR camera? Wait…Read this first!(The best of HDSLR comparison Tests)

14 Jun

So you’re thinking about buying a nice new HDSLR camera, you think to yourself yes, now is a good time to buy. Prices are steadily falling on the canon 550d, the Panasonic gh2 is due to be replaced soon (making it cheap) and there’s a whole host of ‘affordable’ HDSLR’s on the market – a long with tonnes of comparison videos and reviews. This article is here to pluck the very best from comparisons between the Nikon d800, the canon 5dmrkiii, the canon 550d and the Panasonic gh2.

But don’t rush! The cameras are still going to be on sale in two weeks I know you’re probably very eager to get out and shoot. Wait, make sure you weigh up you’re options…. find comparisons and weigh up the pros and cons for what YOU need the camera for. Ask your self……

  • What’s my price  for Body Only
  • What lenses will I need without having to compromise sharpness (price)
  • Do I really need low light performance (do I shot out doors or with lighting set ups?)
  • Do I need to shoot in tight spaces? (fast wide lenses, full frame sensors)
  • Is resolution more important to me than anything else? (green screening)
  • Do I need on board audio recording?

After you have considered all these factors write down you’re own ideal features YOU need and read on……..(Write down next to the above questions which camera best suits that feature and at the end see which camera you have written down the most……buy that camera). Continue reading

Canon 5Dmrkiii – My Thoughts!

30 May

As we all know the Canon 5dmrkiii has been out since April but I thought I would kick this blog off with a review of my thoughts on this Camera. The first time I got to use this camera I was thrown into the deep end, shooting a Wedding, all the way from filming the grooms breakfast meal to his special first dance with his newly wed – a long day that really pushed the camera. Initially I was taken back by the camera, the low lights is AMAZING and much improved from the mrk ii that was still amazing so I had a massive comfort factor going into this wedding knowing lighting was never going to be an issue – less pressure for me :). This is the most obvious improvement from the older generation camera however there’s much more this camera now has to offer:

  • Improved moire
  • In camera manual audio control!
  • A Headphone Jack!
  • ISO 100-25600 standard, 50-102,800 expanded
  • 61 point AF system
  • Dual card slots (SDHC/CF)
  • HDMI out – no drop in resolution (but not clean)
  • 29:59 second continued recording
  • 720p 50fps
  • ALL I compression (90Mb/s sec) Continue reading