HI! This is a Blog dedicated to my experiences of the gear and lessons I have learnt in the professional film making world. I love film, I have a lot to say about film and I love discovering fresh information so take a look around and absorb all the things that helped me through my study’s at university and got me were I am today (Head of Studio at PLTV News).

Disclaimer: All the views and opinions on this Blog are my own and everybody is entitled to their own opinion so feel free to come to your own conclusions. I am still learning all the time and have set this Blog up to share this process, I have an Honours degree in this field and run a busy Green screen studio but I DO NOT claim to know everything, nor do you have to take my advice. I hope that my experiences can help others, I love writing about this and keep my posts as unbiased as possible.  

Lewis Rennison has been actively pursuing a career in film since graduating from university with Honours. Currently working as head of Studio at PLTV News he has worked for clients such as Ladbrokes, Jet2 and Photobox on a regular basis. He has worked on many high pressure sets working for BradleyTV, The Reverb Factory and Sitcom Soldiers and  has completed an Honours Degree in Media Production and technology, achieving UCLAN Student of the year when graduating his course.


CINEMATOGRAPHER (Director of Photography)






Some university experimental works, as featured on planet 5D:

PLTV News work –

My cinema show-reel:

Some of my photography:

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