Hands on with the Sony fs-700

22 Jun

Yesterday I took a trip to The Media City in Salford to do some hands on molesting of the Sony fs-700. There where other small sensor camcorders their as well (along with the incredible Sony f65) but I was only really interested in the fs-700. First impressions? Well its bigger than the fs-100 and it feels very sturdy. This is good because to me it defiantly looked like it could handle some rough film making stick. First port of call was straight for the knads, that slow motion feature. It’s a very simple feature to navigate too using the main menu and once we had figured this out we set about recording some 200fps, what can I say, it’s very smooth. We couldn’t see any flicker and the resolution look very impressive indeed. When Philip bloom did his video review about this camera he mentioned that it took a while to read to card, approx 30secs but this is an issue we didn’t have, it was almost instant.

ND filters

Yes they are an amazing feature to include and I would be very happy to have these in my Canon but we can’t all be winners. The Sony gives us the ND options of – 1/4 ND -1/16ND & 1/64ND and its placed perfectly on the side behind where the lens will go (just like the EX1cams). My friend also mentioned it felt much sturdier when switching the ND’s on from the older EX cams but when I used it I found it to be slightly temperamental, making it too easy to just whack all the ND on fully rather than just 1/4.


I don’t understand why Sony have put this kit lens on, It seem rather stupid and perhaps it’s a way to get that little bit extra profit margin from the sale -who knows. It’s a  SEL18200 (E 18–200mm F3.5–6.3 OSS)  and it has a very impressive image stabilisation option but it’s not a constant aperture. Granted its a very nice zoom range but the Lens its self needs to be faster especially now we know we can utilise shallow depth of field to its fullest on this camera with the built-in ND. When playing with the lens I found it to feel again very sturdy, it had a really nice resistance against it that made you’re zooming very smooth, but its a lot different to what I am used to on the Canon and Zeiss lenses. If you’re a Zoom in and out kinda guy (I am defiantly not) then your going to love this lens, just a shame its not fast or constant, but then again you can always get and adaptor and put better lenses on their.


WOW, that’s all that can be said really……it looks so sharp, I can only imagine what this camera is capable of when the true  4k comes from it. Its detail in the shadows and highlights are incredible and we have all seen how well you can pull back any detail loss in over exposed areas by Den Lennie. I had the chance to have a quick play with the Picture profiles and there’s a lot to choose from and there ALL fully customisable, such a nice feature to have. You can get a really nice flat image ready for grading and its clearly got a very high dynamic range. The detail in a camera like this would look so good on some macro shots, I cannot wait to see  a  cinematography pro get their hands on it!

All in all its a beautifuly made camera and theirs soooo many improvements from the Sony fs-100, even having that handle on the top is of great benefit, just a shame the articulating screen (which by the way is very clean and detailed) is still on the top and can’t pan down properly. Here’s a nice Philip Bloom style photo of me with the Sony f65……


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